Good Luck And Not So Good

I was able to acquire many wonderful antique items today. Unfortunately I was unable to get the main lot that I wanted – more than a dozen antique cold painted Vienna bronze figures. I didn’t want to pay almost $1,000.00 for them. I’d have had to pass the cost on to my customers, and I didn’t want to do that. But I still wish I had been able to get them!

I will be able to list the other items once they arrive here next week, but until then I will be looking forward to their coming here.

There are a few physical auctions I will be attending, too, so I look forward to seeing what I can bring back. Some of my favorite ones no longer exist, so I have to work much harder to find those special things. But when I do, it’s worth all the effort, travel, awful food, and long times waiting for the things I want to bid on to come up. Thank goodness I’ll almost never alone. My DH, comes with me as often as he can, and then there are the other members of our family.

This is from the Antiques and The Arts newspaper. Obviously the Pugs were more interesting than me, the one with the arm on the left side.:


They are now known as “The Auction Dogs”.

Since then we have added Pixie (3) and Sadie (9 and a Silky Terrier) into the mix. Because there are five dogs, all rescues, we usually only bring one or two along. Woody is now 12, Aimee is 10, and Bessie is 7 and only Woody, of the original three Pugs, still likes being there.


Pixie always wants to know when you are going to come pet her!


They keep me from heading to the door too early.


Sadie says hello to everyone.

One thought on “Good Luck And Not So Good

  1. Cute pic of the newspaper stars! Check “mush” instead of much in copy.

    Hope your New Year was good and 2013 will be good for everyone. Happy, Healthy, Holy as they say! DJ

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