History In Your Hands

The online Free Dictionary defines Psychometry in this way:  (Psychology) (Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems) (in parapsychology) the supposed ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them.

Well, this may be true, or not, but I love antiques because so often when I hold them in my hands I get a feeling of being connected to the past in some special way.

I can appreciate the artistry that went into creating an object, and feel a certain sympathy with those who had owned it before it came to me. It’s why I do so much research into many of the things I acquire and sell. I can’t always get a good history of an item, but I can usually track down something about who made them, and when I get to speak with the families of the original owners, I can also track down how they came into their possession.


Rare personal, pocket diary, including entry for April 15, 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

I once visited a behind the scenes display in the American section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in Manhattan. There were so many items similar to what I have sold over the years (not to them, but some did go to other museums.) There were thick alarmed walls of glass separating me from them, and I could feel my hands just itching to pick them up, turn them over, and then get a good look at the marks on the bottom.

It was frustrating to have the barriers there, especially because my own home is filled with a huge array of items for sale that were in even better condition than what the museum had on display.

I receive high praise for how I pack things for shipping. I wrap extremely well because I am aware of how special everything is, and how irreplaceable each item is. As I wrap each piece, I like to imagine the pleasure the new owner will have once they receive the “new” treasure, and then hold it in their own hands!



Antique Limoges Art Nouveau, hand painted pitcher.


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