Help, Please!

I have decided that I can’t do everything all by myself. I have been holding onto a large number of items which I can’t quite identify to my satisfaction.

I actually just acquired even more, and I no longer have the patience to wait years to discover the information, or the room in which to store it all.

I sure could use some help with this, which is why I came up with the idea of asking YOU to help me out.

I will be taking photos of the items and will put them up on the Help Me page as often as possible. Here’s your opportunity to not only solve a mystery, identify something, and give it a name, but to also show off what you know. If you email me with your suggestions about the item, I will do the intensive research to support it, and then will also publish a thank you to YOU for your help.

As a version of the saying goes: So many things to learn, so little time to do the research!


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