Hidden Treasure – Celtic Design Vase

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Hand picked out lid, hand painted gold accents on this Grainger bowl.

This Grainger bowl (made between 1870 to 1879) goes up this week starting on 12-9-2012, and it’s stunning. The company was eventually acquired by Royal Worcester. The lid was all hand picked out (pierced, also called reticulated!) It was almost surely done by Alfred Barry, who did most of the reticulation work for Grainger.

I’ve had it for some time, originally thinking it was Lenox, which is why I waited to list it. Lenox is a mass produced American porcelain. But when I saw the impressed mark on the bottom of the foot, I did a lot of research and discovered it was a very fine antique treasure, made over a very limited period of time.

The creamy ivory colored lid was first hand inscribed when the porcelain was still wet and unfired. The Celtic design is made up of thorny vines that intertwine to create the pattern. Then it was fired in a kiln, and hand painted with gold accents.

The side of the bowl has a raised running border of flowers (another reason why I believe this is a vase with a frog) while the lower area has raised grasses. They just don’t make things like this anymore!

Some call it a potpourri, but because of how open the lid work is, and the raised designs, I truly believe it’s a low vase with a flower frog. Either way, it’s a beauty!


All hand cut out when the porcelain was still wet. Then painted by hand.

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Sorry, but this is no longer available as if was purchased.


What Do I Mean By RARE?

What Do I Mean By RARE?

I never use the word “RARE” lightly. The item really has to be hard, or even impossible to find elsewhere.

Before I give the adjective RARE to an item, I first look throughout the Internet, staring with a Google search, then I look on eBay for both current and closed listings, other auction sites, and on Ruby Lane. If I don’t find another item referencing the one I am researching, I frequently will wait several weeks, months, and in some cases years before I place it up for sale. I do a huge amount of research, because that is in my very basic Nature.

I may find a similar, but not exactly the same, item, or none at all. That’s when it gets the coveted “RARE” identification.

Here’s a terrific example. I acquired six sets of absolutely unique cups and saucers and listed each set as: EXCEPTIONALLY RARE ANTIQUE SANG DE BOEUF GOLD GROS POINTE DE VENICE QUATREFOIL CUP SAUCER SET.

Exceptionally Rare Antique Sang De Boeuf & Gold Pointe De Venice Cup & Saucer Set

This rare set was made in Venice, Italy, for a famous American Captain of Industry (Robber Baron) of the late 1800’s. Gorgeous color, and so elegant!

(White spots are reflections from the strong lights I use to take my photographs.)

They came from the estate of a very famous person who had been called a Robber Baron, also a Captain of Industry, in the late 1800’s. They were made in Venice, Italy, expressly for his use, had been handed down over the years through the family, and finally came up for auction at a limited location.

The moment I saw them I knew how unusual they were. The color is a deep Oxblood red, also known by the French term “Sang De Boeuf”. It requires great skill and artistry to get this color to come through, and real gold is used to achieve the depth of red.

Then there are the gold lace pieces on both the cups and saucers. It is what is known as “Pointe De Venice”, made by the nuns, with great care and difficulty. Although you won’t see them here, one of the hallmarks of this lace is the tiny drops of blood from the needles used to make the pieces by hand. This lace was carefully cut into pieces, covered in real gold, positioned on the sets, encased in a clear glaze, and then fired. WOW! Elegance beyond description.

 ImageHand made, gold covered, applied Pointe De Venice Lace

Close up of the Pointe De Venice Lace that was hand made and then dipped in real gold, covered in clear glaze, and fired to a high glossy sheen.

Red and gold make a statement any time of the year, but particularly at holiday times and when entertaining. You won’t see these anywhere else, and that’s why I labeled them as being Exceptionally Rare!

No longer available.
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