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Hidden Treasure – Celtic Design Vase

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Hand picked out lid, hand painted gold accents on this Grainger bowl.

This Grainger bowl (made between 1870 to 1879) goes up this week starting on 12-9-2012, and it’s stunning. The company was eventually acquired by Royal Worcester. The lid was all hand picked out (pierced, also called reticulated!) It was almost surely done by Alfred Barry, who did most of the reticulation work for Grainger.

I’ve had it for some time, originally thinking it was Lenox, which is why I waited to list it. Lenox is a mass produced American porcelain. But when I saw the impressed mark on the bottom of the foot, I did a lot of research and discovered it was a very fine antique treasure, made over a very limited period of time.

The creamy ivory colored lid was first hand inscribed when the porcelain was still wet and unfired. The Celtic design is made up of thorny vines that intertwine to create the pattern. Then it was fired in a kiln, and hand painted with gold accents.

The side of the bowl has a raised running border of flowers (another reason why I believe this is a vase with a frog) while the lower area has raised grasses. They just don’t make things like this anymore!

Some call it a potpourri, but because of how open the lid work is, and the raised designs, I truly believe it’s a low vase with a flower frog. Either way, it’s a beauty!


All hand cut out when the porcelain was still wet. Then painted by hand.

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Sorry, but this is no longer available as if was purchased.