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Outstandingantiques On eBay

Rare Antique Cold Painted Vienna Bronze of a Pug and a Cat on a Conch Shell

A rare and very unusual antique cold painted Vienna bronze figurine of a cat on a conch shell with a Pug dog barking at it.

This is the photo I use on eBay for my store site, outstandingantiques.

I chose to show off this enormously charming, little figurine of a Pug barking at a cat on top of a conch shell because it reflects so much of my own interests and background. But more on that later on.

Although my formal business name is actually “Patricia St. John Fine Antiques”, that’s too long for an eBay title, which is why I chose to use “outstandingantiques” in its place. I wanted to have a name that described the fact that I look for unusual, interesting, and outstanding antiques to offer to my customers, many of whom have been private collectors, museums, well-known public figures, and people looking for just that right “something special”. http://www.ebay.com/sch/merchant/outstandingantiques_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ

I’m located in Litchfield County, in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut, which is actually a mere 65 miles north of New York City. I have access to fascinating, fabulous, remarkable items, many that have been in families for multiple generations. As a professional appraiser of fine antique and vintage glass and porcelain, I provide information for auction houses and other antiques dealers. My expertise is wide and quite varied, and I am frequently called upon to identify, date, and value a wide variety of items. Getting up before the sun rises, I am most often first in line at estate sales, even in the nastiest of weather conditions, and will sit for hours in auctions in order to purchase pieces to sell on my eBay site.

I have acquired so many wonderful things; such as the very first American made Ouija board that had a double mark on the back side, one for Patent Pending, and one for the very first day it received its patent, or the extremely rare “Ripley Marriage” or Wedding oil lamp, or a bronze box with clear provenance, that had once been owned by the last Tzar of Russia. I have sold, and continue to offer, many fine pieces of Meissen, Minton, Sevres, other high quality porcelains, an antique bronze nodder bell, fabulous antique Majolica made by Ginori, and other highly regarded companies, a very rare glass tent form inkwell, Bohemian Art glass, made by Moser and by Loetz, Early American Pressed Pattern Glass (EAPG), and too many more to list.

Mt. Washington Art Glass Tomato Form Powder Shaker Sterling Silver Cap

A gorgeous antique Mt. Washington Art Glass “muffineer”, in the tomato shape, with Sterling Silver cap.

My customers literally span the world, and I have shipped to almost every continent. I am constantly looking for those very special pieces which I know will appeal to buyers, and especially for those folks who have made specific requests.

I offer a truly wide and eclectic range of items, always with an eye towards serving the very diverse needs and desires of my customers. As one of the very first sellers on eBay, since its infancy, I have expanded my inventory even as I continue to broaden my knowledge, and have become aware of what people are seeking. As financial times shift, I’ve also changed my pricing structures and the items I offer in order to meet the needs of my clients.

Rare Antique Minton Enameled Plate

Stunning antique Minton plate with intricate floral artwork done by Dr. Christopher Dresser.

I hope you will visit my eBay auctions, my website, and my blog often. I’m always hunting for, and discovering special things, and I want to share my extensive knowledge of antiques with you, as well as tell you more about those outstanding antiques I’ve sold over the years!